2021 IPNE Conference Speakers

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Paige Allen, IngramSpark
Overview of the Independent Publishing Industry

Paige Allen is the new director of IngramSpark. She is a brand and marketing strategist developing innovative channels for content delivery. She partners with companies and executives to sharpen their professional operations, define their brand identity, and engage audiences for maximum conversion. Her work and professional achievements span across various industries, included but not limited to airport technology, sports teams and facilities, as well as legal practices. Paige knows what truly drives conversions and brand engagement; she is passionate about helping people and connecting companies to their right consumer.

After nearly a decade of working within digital marketing agencies, Paige is excited to bring her expertise and join Ingram Content Group as the Director of IngramSpark. In addition to her extensive PR and marketing experience, Paige is a trained Sweet Adelines International a cappella barbershop singer and member of Metro Nashville Chorus.

Join our livestreamed pre-conference interview with Paige on Oct. 11 at 4:30 PM Eastern Time - or watch the replay anytime!

Cevin Bryerman, Publishers Weekly
Book Review Strategies: An Insider's Guide

The publishing climate has changed dramatically in the last dozen or so years, opening the door for indie authors to publish and promote their books. Here's what you need to know about marketing your book to the trade, including librarians and booksellers.

Cevin Bryerman is the CEO and publisher of Publishers Weekly, the international news platform of the book publishing industry. He has been in the publishing business for more than 30 years, working at the helm of both trade and consumer magazines in strategic planning, business development and strategic partnerships.

Jane Friedman, The Hot Sheet 
Marketing Cornerstones: Author Website & Email Newsletter

SPECIAL SUNDAY EVENT (separate registration required) Whether your website is one day old or ten years old, you want to make sure the time and energy that you’ve put into your site will pay off with more readers, more sales, and more opportunities for your books. You'll learn how your website and email newsletter (and a bit of social media) can work in concert with each other to better reach and engage readers—and you'll also learn about common website and email marketing mistakes.

This workshop will address: Strategies for designing and structuring your homepage—plus the dreaded layout to avoid. Reasons to build devoted pages on your website for each book you publish (and what to put on those pages). How certain types of designs/themes can sabotage your best efforts, and how to eliminate such sabotage. How, why, and when to add pop-ups to your site (for newsletter sign-ups) and what frequency might be right for you. Biggest do's and don'ts for newsletters that get opened, read and shared. How to gauge the success of your newsletters, and how to test and improve them over time. How to sell books over the long term and make your email newsletter pay off.

This workshop will be most powerful for those who are accustomed to making straightforward (no coding) modifications to an existing site and handling their own email newsletter design, rather than relying on a freelancer to change copy, add contact forms, modify the design, etc.

Jane Friedman has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in business strategy for authors and publishers. She’s the editor of The Hot Sheet, the essential industry newsletter for authors, and has previously worked for F+W Media and the Virginia Quarterly Review. In 2019, Jane was awarded Publishing Commentator of the Year by Digital Book World; her newsletter was awarded Media Outlet of the Year in 2020.

Jane’s newest book is The Business of Being a Writer (University of Chicago Press); Publishers Weekly said that it is “destined to become a staple reference book for writers and those interested in publishing careers.” Also, in collaboration with The Authors Guild, she wrote The Authors Guild Guide to Self-Publishing.

    • Ask IngramSpark! Q&A
    • Self-Publishing 101

    Josh Floyd, IngramSpark
    Paige Allen, IngramSpark

    These are two separate presentations - please visit the Conference Schedule for day & time

    Whether you’ve got a finished manuscript—or merely an inkling for a best seller—navigating the path of self-publishing can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right tools, content, marketing, and distribution strategies in place, being successful is a lot more achievable than it sounds.

    IngramSpark’s Paige Allen and Josh Floyd will offer insights on using the IngramSpark platform for Print-on-Demand and Distribution through Ingram Book Company, considerations for preparing your book for market and advice for pricing your books for specific markets, and finally, best practices for success to the Retail Market.

    Paige Allen is the new director of IngramSpark. She is a brand and marketing strategist developing innovative channels for content delivery. She partners with companies and executives to sharpen their professional operations, define their brand identity, and engage audiences for maximum conversion.

    Josh Floyd promotes the growth, sales, and brand of the IngramSpark platform to independent authors and publishers along with providing education to the industry on how best to utilize Ingram’s Publish-On-Demand services for bringing a new book to market or for breathing life into an out-of-print title. Josh has been with Ingram for 10+ years and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology and Industrial Studies with a minor in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University

    To learn more about IngramSpark, visit ingramspark.com

    Watch our livestreamed pre-conference interview with Paige Allen!

    Bookselling, Publishing, & Authors: The Contrarian's Guide

    Mike DeSanto, Phoenix Books 

    Anecdotal evidence that one can be something to all people some of the time and all things to hardly anyone most of the time. The stories around the ownership of multiple bookstores and a small, small publishing program show what could be possible if only we could get it right. Without giving away too much content, a discussion of competing in an age of one company dominance will be alluded too.

    Michael has been a bookseller for 26 years—first surviving the age of B&N and the tsunami of online sellers, followed by the Covid19 typhoon. He and his life partner, Renee Reiner, currently own and/or operate five bookstores in Vermont. Three under the name of Phoenix Books in Burlington, Essex and Rutland as well as The Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock and The Bookstore in Brandon. To top it off Michael oversees the POD publishing of Onion River Press as a service to authors and very occasionally publishes poetry books.

    Pitching a TV Series: The Ingredients You Need for Success

    Ron Holsey, TV Writer & Producer


    This talk will cover the ins and outs of pitching a TV series in a changing landscape with a seemingly endless appetite for new content. We’ll discuss the essential ingredients of a pitch; ways to make your pitch stand out from the crowd; and the differences between the various networks and streamers and what they might be looking for.

    Ron Holsey is a TV writer and producer who has worked on series for Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Universal Kids, Cartoon Network, Disney, Amazon, the BBC and HBO. He’s currently executive producer for a new animated series he developed for a major streaming service. Ron won a Daytime Emmy for writing on Sesame Street and has been nominated for four additional Daytime Emmys for writing on Sesame Street, Odd Squad and Martha Speaks.

    Traditional Book Distribution

    Jason Brockwell 

    Jason Brockwell is President of National Book Network and has been with the company since 1999. Prior to taking on his current position, Jason was Vice President of Sales for NBN, and has been a national accounts manager for NBN for a variety of customers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and some of the leading independent bookstores and regional wholesalers in the Southeast. Prior to joining NBN, Jason worked as a journalist in Maryland.

    Agent Katharine Sands

    Querial Killers: How Not to Get an Agent Even If You Are A Brilliant Writer

    In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn: the easy-to-fix mistakes writers make when querying agents; what to do—and what not to do—when you set out to woo and win a literary agent; how to understand the literary agent's mind-set, and the reasons a talented writer gets turned down.

    Katharine Sands is a literary agent with the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency in New York City. She is the agent provocateur of Making the Perfect Pitch: How to Catch a Literary Agent’s Eye and has been a guest speaker on writing and publishing for Poets & Writers, The American Society of Journalists and Authors, UCLA, New York University, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

    Katharine is seeking all types of fiction, memoir and nonfiction. Katharine likes books that have a clear benefit for readers’ lives in categories of food, travel, lifestyle, home arts, beauty, wisdom, relationships, parenting, and fresh looks, which might be at issues, life challenges or popular culture. When reading fiction she wants to be compelled and propelled by urgent storytelling, and hooked by characters. For memoir, femoir, and himoir, she likes to be transported to a world rarely or newly observed. Katharine has worked with a varied list of authors who publish a diverse array of books including fiction, memoir and non-fiction.

    Amazon Deep Dive

    Ian Lamont, in30Minutes & LeanMedia

    Frustrated with Amazon? In this short "Deep Dive," publisher Ian Lamont lays out a strategic understanding of the Amazon ecosystem, along with tactical approaches to specific programs, including Amazon KDP, Amazon Advertising, and detail page optimization. This presentation will include new features for 2021, including A+ content for KDP publishers   

    Ian Lamont  is the founder of i30 Media Corporation and the creator of the Lean Media framework. He started his publishing business in 2012 with a single how-to guide about Dropbox. The company has since expanded to a complete line of utility nonfiction (the IN 30 MINUTES series) as well as several ancillary product lines. Ian uses Shopify, Google, Facebook, and a range of Amazon programs to develop and market new products, and is a frequent speaker at publishing events on Amazon-related topics. He lives in the Boston area with his family.

    Mary Catherine Jones

    The Writer’s Other Voice: An Audiobook Producer’s Perspective on the Pleasures (and Pitfalls) of Working with Authors-as-Narrators

    In this lively presentation, Mary Catherine Jones, Executive Producer of Voice Over Vermont Audiobooks will give a peek inside the padded room of her recording studio and discuss the ins and outs of audiobook recording and production for narrative non-fiction, memoirs and poetry. Come prepared with your questions!

    Mary Catherine Jones is the owner and executive producer of Voice Over Vermont, LLC - a professional recording studio in Shelburne, VT dedicated exclusively to recording the spoken word. Whether she’s working with a local author to record his memoir with his voice or engineering a remote recording session for a National Publisher, she  brings her curiosity to every project that comes into her padded room, er, recording studio. When not recording, it’s a sure bet that she is doing a project with the Independent Publishers of New England, running a BNI or WBON meeting or cooking a delicious meal.

    Agent Susan Nystoriak

    The Road To Publication Is Filled With Roundabouts:  Dramamine Recommended!

    From sending your initial query to an agent, to signing a contract of publication, there are many roundabouts along the road. What do those ambiguous passes really mean, anyway? And what happens after you finally get "the call"? This session will focus on that winding path toward publication, and shed a little light on the process along the way. 

    Susan Nystoriak born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, Susan Nystoriak attended Potsdam College, earning both a Bachelor's and Master's degree. A lifelong learner of both music and the written word, Susan has spent the majority of her life straddling both realms. As an agent with Golden Wheat Literary, her main focus is on Adult Fiction. She is drawn to lighter themes, with humor and heart. She represents authors who word-weave wonderful tales, and whose characters pursue their passions.

    Sean Maher
    Metadata Metacognition:
    What We Think about When We Think about What the Customer is Thinking

    An increasing amount of customer and market data is becoming available to publishers through digital tools, platforms, and direct customer interaction. In this presentation, Maher will discuss how Chelsea Green Publishing gathers and analyzes this data—and uses it to refine and refresh metadata and messaging to reach more readers.       

    Sean Maher joined Chelsea Green in the Fall of 2016 and currently heads all market research, online merchandising, and analytics for both frontlist and backlist titles. This work includes (but is not limited to) anticipating and responding to consumer habits, market trends, and overall sales patterns on key online retail accounts. Prior to Chelsea Green, he held multiple positions in the marketing and publicity departments at Da Capo Press. He lives in Tunbridge, VT.

    Tim Knickerbocker

    Present and Future of Book Printing

    Let INTEGRATED BOOKS INTERNATIONAL(IBI) give you the opportunity to control what you love. WRITE, DEVELOP and SHARE your work with everyone.After all you’re energy has been put into writing your project you’re hit with “What’s next”? Tim will guide you through all the necessary steps needed to put your project into your hands and out to the Literary Marketplace. With internally linked services that combine page composition, editorial, design, printing, fulfilment/storage and eBooks.

    Charlotte Pierce, Jason Brick, Russell Nohelty  

    Kicking A@@ on Kickstarter - How to Crowdfund Your Writing Career to Success 

    Join Experts Jason Brick, Charlotte Pierce and Russell Nohelty as they share their experiences raising thousands of dollars for publishing kickstarter campaigns. Bring your questions!

    Charlotte Pierce after nearly 40 years of publishing in Seattle, New York and as an independent publisher in Metro Boston, Charlotte’s approach to publishing (and life) is embodied in her Pierce Press motto: “Collaboration is the new competition.” Working with this precept, she collaborates with authors to publish DayTripper Books (family travel); Peeragogy Books (alt. education); and Gigglequick Books (children's). Charlotte also offers book publishing services and coordinates IPNE’s regional groups program. Charlotte is an avid sculler (rower), crafter, community media producer, and gardener.

    Jason Brick in his 12 years as a full time freelance writer, Jason has contributed over 5,000 articles to blogs and magazines, written, edited, or contributed to over 100 books, and raised over $25,000 in crowdfunding projects. When not writing, he hosts the podcast Safest Family on the Block where he interviews experts about keeping kids safe and parents sane.  

    Russell Nohelty is a USA Today bestselling author, editor, publisher, and speaker. To date, he has raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter across eighteen projects, and is currently raising funds for a new non-fiction book called Get Your Book Selling on Kickstarter (kickstartyournovel.com) which he hopes will be the definitive guide to crowdfunding for authors

    Jack Rochester, Ruby Fink, Rob Swigart, Jason Brick, Mike Rochester

    Navigating the Turbulent Waters of Publishing


    Today’s author cannot simply provide the bread of their book, but must also spread peanut butter on it. It’s one thing to write a book and quite another to market and promote it, but you must learn to do both and do them very, very well. Our panel discusses trends and strategies for an author’s success from five perspectives. It is moderated by Jack B. Rochester, who has worked in every aspect of publishing for nearly 50 years. This panel presents diverse perspectives from: 

    Jason Brick, a professional writer, martial artist, travel addict, and dad whose work has been published across multiple genres and formats. Editorial Consultant Barista for the Fictional Café Anthology. email: brickcommajason@gmail.com 

    Rob Swigart, an established author who since 1977 has written and published more than a dozen books. email: robswigart@gmail.com

    Jack B. Rochester, head of IPNE's mentorship program. He’s author of over a dozen business and technology books, including the bestselling The Naked Computer, but mostly writes novels these days. His website is www.jackboston.com 

    Ruby Fink, a podcaster, script writer, and emerging novelist. email: finkruby9@gmail.com 

    Mike Mavilia Rochester: A nonfiction writer and editor, the managing editor and anthology editor for www.fictionalcafe.com, and IPNE board member. email: mike@fictionalcafe.com

    Karen Inglis,  Jane Wood Maria, Maria Dismondy  

    Publishing Children’s Books

    Self-publishing Children’s Books — key options, benefits and challenges
    The ABCs of Marketing to Schools


    Self-publishing Children’s Books: An introduction to self-publishing children’s books using print on demand. Who it’s right for, how it works and top tips for successful marketing. A quick look at alternatives to print on demand.
    The ABCs of Marketing to Schools: Author and former teacher Jane R. Wood will share some of the strategies she has used for more than 17 years to market and sell her books to schools, including how to: contact schools; connect your book to the schools’ curricula; and develop dynamic presentations for students and educators.

    Karen Inglis writes picture books, chapter books and short middle grade novels. Her time travel adventure The Secret Lake has sold over 350,000 English language copies in print and is in translation in eight other languages. Her other children’s titles have all have sold in their thousands. The second edition of her non-fiction title How to Self-publish and Market a Children’s Book came out in May 2021 and, like the first edition, has received praise on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Jane R. Wood is a former teacher, newspaper reporter, and television producer. She has written six juvenile fiction books and one nonfiction book titled Schools: A Niche Market for Authors. She often speaks at schools across the county, at workshops and webinars for writers and publishers, and at education conferences. She has a BA from the University of Florida and an MEd from the University of North Florida. She is the past-president of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

    Maria Dismondy author and founder of the publishing company, Cardinal Rule Press, Maria Dismondy inspires and educates others in the book industry. Her background in early education and research enables her to touch lives the world over while touring as a public speaker in schools, community forums, and at national conferences. When Maria isn’t working, she can be found embarking on adventures throughout southeast Michigan and beyond, where she lives with her husband and three book-loving children. Find out more at CardinalRulePress.com

    Hybrid Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Self-Publishing

    Eddie Vincent, Stephen McArthur, Bill Schubart   

    Question and answers about Hybrid Publishing, Traditional Publishing, & Self-Publishing

    Eddie Vincent, publisher and co-owner of Encircle Publications, He has been in the publishing field for over thirty years. Eddie is also the President of Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE.org).

    Stephen McArthur has been a producer and distributor of popular music and educational media (audiovisual, recorded music, and books) since 1985.  Multicultural Media Inc., which he founded in 1991, is the creator of the Music of the Earth recordings series; the Rootstock Recordings series, featuring world music artists; the MCM DVD series of music documentaries and performance films; and the world-renowned JVC Smithsonian Folkways DVD world music and dance collections, consisting of forty-one video (now streaming) programs and twenty books.   In 2014, Stephen purchased Lyrichord Discs Inc., the venerable New York recording label founded in 1950, that owns over 5000 tracks of music from a wide range of genres, including world music, classical, baroque, early and renaissance music.  He and his wife, Rickey Gard Diamond, started Rootstock Publishing (a hybrid partnership book publisher) to bring their skills to the world of book publishing.  2021 will be its fifth anniversary year.

    Bill Schubart has lived with his family in Vermont since 1947. He writes about Vermont in fiction, humor, and opinion pieces. Bill is fluent in French language and culture which he taught before entering communications as an entrepreneur. He writes and speaks extensively on the media and other civic issues. He has spoken at numerous industry and media events including Book Expo. He has been a regular commentator on Vermont Public Radio and now writes a biweekly column for VTDigger.org. After college, he co-founded Philo Records and Resolution with his half-brother, Michael Couture. He has been active in various cultural, civic, and business organizations throughout his lifetime in Vermont. He has four children and lives and writes in Hinesburg with his wife Kate, a journalist. His interests include poetry, photography, stone gardening, cooking and eating, classical and primitive music. He lives in Hinesburg, Vermont near his sons Bill and Steven and a daughter Anna, as well as a stepson Guy and a stepdaughter Phoebe who live in London and Brooklyn.

    Plot Twist: Instagram 102

    Julia Scott and Ashlie Woods, L. Scott Marketing

    Curious about Instagram for your business? In this presentation, we will be covering how to optimize your Instagram account for success! We will be going over topics including business vs. personal profiles, best practices, content and posting, stories and highlights, and more.

    Before forming J.Scott Marketing, Julia Scott worked as a newspaper reporter, contributing to a Pulitzer Prize and starting a website that was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NPR, and more. Through these adventures, she discovered and mastered many marketing and communications solutions that her team now offers to clients. Julia relishes the unique challenge of building relationships with each of her clients and their teams and is proud that 75% of our partnerships continue beyond the initial contract.

    Ashlie Woods, J.Scott Marketing's Account Manager, is no stranger to digital and social media marketing for various industries. While managing social media accounts for music artists, she was recruited by a power player in the furniture industry, Cardi's Furniture & Mattress stores. She was then recruited by a dental corporation with over 50 offices of various specialties–only to later join the J.Scott Marketing family, where we welcome businesses of all types.

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